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FullSizeRender(1)J.M. Automotive opened in 2010. The owner, Jim McKenney, went to Kemptville College for Diesel Mechanics in 1994, and started his apprenticeship at Christie Chrysler, in Kemptville. He earned his license in 1999. When Christie Chrysler was bought out by Car Canada, Jim moved with them to Ottawa, where he stayed until 2010.  Jim was born and raised in Oxford Station, and he resides there still with his wife (see below) and 2 kids. Jim works on every make and model, from 1914 Model T, to 2018 Dodge Rams. For the last 8 years, Jim has worked hard to build up his reputation and client base. We are happy to report that we have many happy customers, some who have followed Jim from shop to shop.



Fiona McKenney is an owner and Service Advisor. Fiona has been with J.M. Automotive since 2014. Fiona was born in England, but has been in Canada since she was 6. After moving around Ontario, her family settled in Oxford Mills in 1989. Married for over 20 years, Jim and Fiona continue to live on the old family farm in Oxford Station. Fiona will help you book your appointments, and be sure that the best parts are ordered for your vehicle.



Travis Mackenzie is one test away from being a fully licensed mechanic. He started in 2014 as a co-op student, and decided that an automotive tech was his calling. Travis is awaiting a placement at Algonquin to finish courses for his third year. Born and raised in Oxford Station as well, Travis continues to live with his folks. Travis has picked up the trade quite quickly, and is now learning how to diagnose some of the tougher problems.



Jason Rothwell joined our team on September 6th, 2016. Jason entered the automotive trade 18 years ago in Brockville. He completed his apprenticeship and graduated from the General Motors A.S.E.P. program and became licensed in 2000. Jason’s career has taken him in a few directions over the years and his abilities have grown because of it. Jason has called Kemptville home for over 12 years, where he lives with his wife and 2 kids.



Colin Baxter joined our team, part time, as a Service Advisor in 2018. Colin has been in the automotive field for over 45 years. First as a technician, and then as a service advisor. Licensed in Canada since 1981, (He started his career in England) Colin has worked on almost all types of vehicles and has a wealth of knowledge. Colin has lived and worked in many different places, but has called Kemptville his home for almost 30 years. Colin (who also happens to be Fiona’s Dad) lives in Oxford Mills with his wife and dog, Ozzie.



Nigel is a great, super friendly shop dog!  He is an 9 year old Miniature English bulldog, and we have had him for over 3 years. He lives at home with us, but comes out to the shop almost everyday. Nigel spends his day snoozing and chasing flies and sunbeams. He is a mama’s boy and follows Fiona around most of the time. When Fiona is out of the office, he has been known to steal her chair. Nigel welcomes everyone who comes into the shop, and loves the ones who bring him treats the most. He would like you to know that your dog friends are also welcome here.

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